Maybe It’s Not About Letting Go, But About Making Room For What We Can’t Change

This one would not have struck me if I did not know people who did lose their parents at a young age or have an infant die in their arms or get diagnosed with terminal illnesses in the full throes of their adolescence. Or if I had not, two years ago, lived in fear when I accidentally found out I had the same illness that killed some of my family members.

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When something tragic and gutting happens to someone, something that is miles beyond what we can empathize with emotionally, we tend to think to ourselves, how do they go on after this? I am talking about the people who lose parents suddenly at a young age, who have infants die in their arms, who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses while still in the throes and wonder of adolescence. The things that seem, if they were to happen to us, to be the end-all. I’m not sure that we can grasp that kind of emotional pain until we’ve been in those shoes ourselves. But for the little bit we can understand from our own experiences, we inevitably wonder how people move on after the worst befell them.

The people who have seen these depths know something. They know that often, it’s not about moving on or figuring out a way to…

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