8 Famous Male Writers, And Their Present Day College Counterparts

Worth reblogging if only for the Tao Lin mention :))

Thought Catalog

1. The First-Name, Last-Name Boy: Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac is the boy who you can’t help but refer to with his full name no matter how many times you’ve see him naked. This is because he always makes you feel tragically unhip in comparison with his uncanny ability to drop witticisms and snarky references that go way above your head. He pounds shots of whiskey like a champ and smokes so many cigarettes you wonder how he can still breathe like a normal person. Each time he texts you to “hang out” at one in the morning, you forget all semblance of self-respect despite knowing that he keeps a running harem of other girls who are similarly attracted to his tortured-intellectual mystique.

2. The Frat Star: Charles Bukowski

In 1978, Charles Bukowski published Women — what may be one of the most misogynistic pieces of literature in existence. The thinly disguised…

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