Random Epiphanies

New year, new schedule of events and projects!

Man, what a year 2020 was, huh?

I know I’m not on here often, but I’ll try to post updates on my doings, at least šŸ™‚

First up, an awards eligibility post. My food cafe review story on Strange Horizons, “Have Your #Hugot Harvested at This Diwata-Owned Cafe,” is eligible for any awards you may be reading and voting for.

Today also happens to be the publication day of the long-awaited Common Bonds: An Aromantic Speculative Fiction Anthology. I have a story there titled “Voices in the Air,” which features characters I have written about before–Saha and Tila–stumbling across a mystery of missing girls in a fishing village while dealing with the weight of a recent loss. You can find the link to all ebook retailers carrying the title here.

I’ll be attending some cons this year, too, so this is my SFF convention schedule for the month of February (will update with my specific items when the programs are public):

  • Capricon 41: February 4-7
  • Boskone 58: February 12-14

On April 5, I’ll be teaching a Clarion West One-Day Class online, on retellings. If you’re a BIPOC, you can apply for a BIPOC scholarshsip.

Lastly, I am open for editorial work and sensitivity readings for your SFF novels and short story collections until April! Please see my editing page for rates and other details. šŸ™‚ You may also go through the Darling Axe query portal and ask specifically for me.

See you around!


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