Random Epiphanies

FIYAHCON 2021 Retrospective

L. D. Lewis

Hi everyone! Long time no post. Now that FIYAHCON is—for the most part—behind me, it’s time to revisit where exactly all those months of my life went.

Let’s look at some numbers:

  • 1072 total registrations / 956 active attendees
  • 83 total programming items (including Aquarium Calm Rooms)
  • 22 booths / 2316 booth visits
  • Funding in ticket sales: $20,720
  • Funding in sponsorship: $17,648
  • Funding in donations: $295
  • Total expenses: $36,304.82
  • Total funding*: $48,663

*+$10k base starting fund from 2020’s event


Attendees of both years would note a number of differences in the execution. For one, we had much more planning time. And the use of a new platform and a year of experience meant we could do more programming. So alongside our two US-daytime tracks, we had an additional night of BONFIYAH (formerly “Fringe”), the free tier for international/global south participants.

We alsohad different…

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