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Sometimes, people have recorded me talking about subjects close to my heart, such as decolonizing craft, mythology (the Philippine kind, especially), epics, activist SFF, islands and archipelagoes, and much more.

RX 93.1: Heard on Thursdays

Flights of Foundry: “Ways to Decolonize Your Fiction Writing”

Carl Brandon Society: Mythology and Speculative Literature Panel

Dive Into Worldbuilding

March 2020: Mythology and Activist SFF

March 2019: Philippine Mythology and Worldbuilding

Speculative Literature Foundation

Breaking the Glass Slipper

Podcast Episode: Live at the 77th WorldCon: Islands in Speculative Fiction

While World War 2 saw greater opportunities for women on the home front while so many working-age men were away at war, there are many more examples of hard times bringing curbs on women’s rights. We only have to read the daily news to see it in action. But why is this? If you are fighting […] The post Oppression & survival – with Sunyi Dean first appeared on Breaking the Glass Slipper.
  1. Oppression & survival – with Sunyi Dean
  2. No trope is an island – with Foz Meadows
  3. Cyberpunk with Kimberly Unger
  4. Metaphor and social commentary with Saara El-Arifi
  5. The haunt – with Michelle Paver

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