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Sometimes, people have recorded me talking about subjects close to my heart, such as decolonizing craft, mythology (the Philippine kind, especially), epics, activist SFF, islands and archipelagoes, and much more.

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Flights of Foundry: “Ways to Decolonize Your Fiction Writing”

Carl Brandon Society: Mythology and Speculative Literature Panel

Dive Into Worldbuilding

March 2020: Mythology and Activist SFF

March 2019: Philippine Mythology and Worldbuilding

Speculative Literature Foundation

Breaking the Glass Slipper

Podcast Episode: Live at the 77th WorldCon: Islands in Speculative Fiction

Have you ever wandered into a bookstore and found yourself baffled by the shelving of some books? Have you ever read a review that labeled a book written for adults as YA only to bemoan the amount of adult content? What do most of these erroneously shelved books have in common? They’re written by women. […] The post Women write YA? first appeared on Breaking the Glass Slipper.
  1. Women write YA?
  2. Curses and consent – with Heather Walter
  3. Rights, retellings and the Ramayana – with Vaishnavi Patel
  4. “Do not take me for granite” – with Amal El-Mohtar
  5. Deconstructing Cinderella – with JJA Harwood

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