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Sometimes, people have recorded me talking about subjects close to my heart, such as mythology (the Philippine kind, especially), epics, activist SFF, islands and archipelagoes, and much more.

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Dive Into Worldbuilding

March 2020: Mythology and Activist SFF

March 2019: Philippine Mythology and Worldbuilding

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Podcast Episode: Live at the 77th WorldCon: Islands in Speculative Fiction

We constantly discuss themes, stereotypes and assumptions in popular culture, but we don’t often stop to look more closely at the way those issues are expressed. I’m talking about language, and its ability to explore ideas in a highly nuanced way. Phrases like “bad language”, “common parlance” – even “trigger warning” – all carry social […] The post Language & Power – with Genevieve Cogman first appeared on Breaking the Glass Slipper.
  1. Language & Power – with Genevieve Cogman
  2. Childhood Heroines
  3. Reclaiming the vampire – with Vivian Shaw
  4. The invisibility of women with V.E. Schwab
  5. A magical education with Naomi Novik

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