Tarot Readings

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If you don’t otherwise have a specific question, let this chart be your guide:

ReadingPrice (USD)Description
Birthday $60Happy Personal New Year! This spread will give you a glimpse of the year ahead while discussing how you can live it optimally.
General Life $50I give you an overview of things that have been bugging you one year into the past, one year into the future, and the present.
Love Life $50I can tell you how you and the other part are ready and not ready for love, and the outcome.
Career$50I will let you know which of your behavioral traits have been helping or hindering you in your career path, as well as external helping factors and obstacles.
Creative Journey$50For writers and artists. I can determine where you are in the craft, where you are in your career, and what you need to do in order to move forward and overcome challenges.
Story Tinkering$60 (novels);
$30 (short stories)
Are you feeling stuck writing a story and don’t know the way forward? Should you continue with this project or drop it? Maybe the cards have some good suggestions for breaking the block.
Dream Interpretation$15Had a weird dream? Want to know if it bodes good or ill? Or what specific manifestation of your anxieties and fears it is? I got you.
Yes or No$15You just want to know what the answer is. I may pull up some more cards to clarify the situation.
Card of the Day$10A single card may offer you much wisdom to get you through the day.
BundlePrice (USD)Description
What Should I Do with My Life$80Choose any three (3):
·         Birthday Reading
·         General Life Reading
·         Career Reading
·         Love Life Reading
Passion is Pain$60Includes:
·         Creative Journey Reading
·         Story Tinkering

Note: You can also add a Career Reading AND/OR Dream Interpretation for an additional $10 each.
Simple and Clean$20Includes:
·         Yes or No
·         Card of the Day
Build a Session$50 (base price)Add $10 per additional reading (any of the abovementioned).



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