Song of the Mango and Other New Myths. 2022. Ateneo University Press.

Beyond the Line of Trees. 2019. Self-published.

Short Fiction


Song of the Mango and Other New Myths, Ateneo University Press.

“Have Your #Hugot Harvested at This Diwata-Owned Cafe,” Kathang Haka: The Big Book of Fake News. UST Publishing House.

“Child of Two Worlds,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. November-December 2022 issue.


“Voices in the Air,” Common Bonds. Claudie Arseneault.


“Odd and Ugly,” PodCastle, March 2020 issue.

“Have Your #Hugot Harvested At This Diwata-Owned Cafe,” Strange Horizons, May 2020 issue.


Beyond the Line of Trees. Self-published illustrated fantasy short story collection.

“In the Shadow of the Typhoon, Humans and Mahiwaga Cooperate for Survival,” An Invite to Eternity: Tales of Nature Disrupted. Calque Press.


“Odd and Ugly,” Writers of the Future, vol. 34. Galaxy Press.

“First Play For and By Tikbalang Triggers Uproar on Opening Night,” Expanded Horizons, issue 58.

“Blushing Blue,” Broad Knowledge: 35 Women Up to No Good. Upper Rubber Boot Books.


“Ink: A Love Story,” LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, vol. 7. Epigram Books.


“To Megan, with Half My Heart,” Expanded Horizons, issue 45.


“How the Jungle Got Its Spirit Guardian,” Phantazein. FableCroft Publishing.

“First Play For and By Tikbalang Triggers Uproar on Opening Night,” Philippine Speculative Fiction, vol. 9. Kestrel DDM Publishing.


“To Megan, with Half My Heart,” The Silliman Journal, vol. 52. Silliman University.


“An Author Takes a Wife,” 100: The Hundreds Project. UP Press.




“On the Inactive Protagonist,” Letters to a Writer of Color, Penguin Random House. Forthcoming in March.



“Vida Cruz Fellowship Report,” Otherwise Fellowship.


“An Introduction to Philippine Science Fiction,” Post-colonial Studies Association Newsletter, June 2018.

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